Five a day keeps the doctor away?

As the new year rolls round, a new wave of resolutions to “eat more healthily” or to lose weight are planned, and then subsequently failed. One of the common diet messages is have “five a day” – five portions of fruit and veg everyday. (There is always some discussion as to what a portion actually isĀ so click here if you’d like to find out).

The BBC has investigated the origins of this phrase, and if it is based on any scientific evidence. The full story is here. Fortunately for us this campaign has been based on some scientific evidence, though with certain bits altered – such as potatoes do actually count as a vegetable, as long as they aren’t fried. And although smoothies and juices do count, there is more benefit from eating the actual fruit itself as it fills up your stomach more successfully.

So all in all, eating five a day will certainly help you on your way to having a healthier diet in 2013.

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2 thoughts on “Five a day keeps the doctor away?

  1. this is very intresting, but doesnt it depend on what fruit or vegetable you eat? or the quantity?

  2. It does, hence the general guidance is to have 5 different pieces of fruit and veg a day, ensuring you get a good range. The quantities you should eat are an optimum.

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